Melbourne, Australia, setting for the H2O International Health Summit.

WCPT stresses advocacy power of professionals at world health summit

As the world’s leaders met for their G20 summit in Australia last month, representatives from health professions around the world also gathered to discuss climate and health and the links between healthy populations and successful economies.

The event, named the H2O International Health Summit, and hosted by the World Medical Association and the Australian Medical Association, was held in Melbourne, Australia. WCPT was among the organisations invited to make a presentation, in a panel discussion on “Health professionals: leading by example, globally”.

In the session, WCPT representative Jonathon Kruger argued for the important advocacy role that health professionals can play in addressing key health priorities – particularly when working as part of collaborative organisations such as WCPT and the World Health Professions Alliance.

“It was a recognition of WCPT’s increasing role as an advocate for the profession and our patients that we were invited to present, along with representatives from international medical associations,” says Jonathon Kruger, formerly General Manager of Advocacy and International Relations at the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

“In the context of the main summit issues – such as non-communicable diseases, climate and health and social determinants of health – I said that health professionals working together have far greater capacity to bring about change. For example, there are 26 million health care professionals in more than 130 countries represented as part of the World Health Professions Alliance. The advocacy power of this group is staggering.”

A number of memoranda were issued as a result of the summit. 


Twitter interaction around the summit can be seen using the #H20Melb hashtag.

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