The Congress programme in 2017 included 17 focused symposia

WCPT opens call for focused symposia at the 2019 Congress in Geneva

WCPT is inviting experts in their fields to submit proposals for focused symposia sessions where cutting-edge topics are explored as part of the programme at the Congress 2019 in Geneva.

It is a great opportunity to present, learn and create an international conversation, according to physical therapists who ran sessions at the WCPT Congress in Cape Town.

"Focused symposia provide a unique opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in the same field," says April Gamble, who convened ‘Pain – post trauma’ alongside four other participants.

"Collaborating to develop the presentation allowed us to learn from each other, and created a deep collegial relationship between the five of us. Now, we often contact each other for support and advice, even when we are on other sides of the world."

The WCPT Congress takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, 10-13 May 2019. Focused symposia bring research, education, practice and policy perspectives together, where international teams explore the implications of the latest thinking, debate controversies, and consider differing points of view.

"The call for focused symposia is an excellent opportunity to combine efforts with colleagues, new contacts or even potential future collaborators from other countries," says Professor Charlotte Häger, chair of the Congress Programme Committee.

"The preparations and presentations give rise to useful reflections, feedback and novel insights. Focused symposia are high quality, are very well attended, and have the potential to have a large impact on the field internationally."

"Consider your own expertise and skills alongside those in your networks, then take the opportunity to contact colleagues from other countries or regions. Put together a symposium that you yourselves would like to go to. We have so much knowledge to share."

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a focused symposium, you can download full submission details. The deadline for proposals is 23rd February 2018.

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