The next WCPT General Meeting takes place in Geneva in May 2019

WCPT confirms Governance Review expert working group

Following a call to member organisations, the WCPT Executive Board has appointed the working group which will support and guide the confederation’s governance review.

The group will work with consultant Margaret Grant to identify key governance themes and develop a discussion paper that explores these issues.

“This is one of the most important projects to be undertaken by WCPT between 2015 and our next General Meeting in 2019,” says WCPT President Emma Stokes.

“We will review and, where appropriate, update WCPT’s organizational governance to ensure we implement best practice for an international non-governmental membership-oriented organization.”

The following members of the working group will look at aspects of governance including operating procedures, constitutional issues and organizational structures:

  • Marcus Dripps, Chair (Australia)
  • Janet Bezner (USA)
  • Nozomi Chiwaki (Japan)
  • Jo Hampton (UK)
  • Karen Langvad (Denmark)
  • Jean Damascene (Rwanda)
  • Roland Craps (Belgium)
  • Karim Alvis Gomez (Colombia)

WCPT has 111 member organisations representing more than 380,000 physical therapists across the world, with five global regions and 12 independent subgroups.

Member organisations will be invited to contribute over the course of the review, before the updated Articles of Association are submitted to the WCPT General Meeting for approval in May 2019.

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