Physical therapists celebrate LGBT+ pride

Physical therapists from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapist’s (CSP) LGBT+ network took part in the annual Pride in London parade on 7 July. The parade is a celebration of LGBT+ pride and raises awareness of LGBT+ issues.

Physical therapist Darren Brown said: ‘Attending Pride in London 2018 with the CSP provided a great opportunity to demonstrate diversity and inclusivity within the physiotherapy profession. The LGBT+ community continues to face oppression and marginalisation in the UK and globally, therefore it is of such importance that LGBT+ physiotherapists and allies were able to join Pride in London 2018, creating visibility for the profession and LGBT+ rights, while having lots of fun marching and dancing at the most diverse Pride in London to date. I will be joining the CSP again for Pride in London next year, and I hope that even more LGBT+ physiotherapists and allies will join the parade as part of the CSP LBGT+ network.’

The CSP’s LGBT+ network was set up 25 years ago as a space for LGBT+ physical therapists to offer each other support, advice and solidarity in dealing with LGBT+ issues at work. The network also plays a strategic role in influencing CSP policy and the profession as a whole on LGBT+ issues.

Karen Middleton, CSP Chief Executive, said: ‘The LGBT+ network is a lively, thriving, and expanding network. It’s really important to me to show visible support to the LGBT+ network of CSP members and taking part in Pride in London is a joyous way of doing this.’

In Sweden, physical therapists have taken part in the Stockholm Pride parade for the past five years and are expected to take part in this year’s parade on 4 August.


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