Search the WCPT Database of Volunteers and Experts (DOVES)

WCPT DOVES: Search for world-class expertise on the new Database of Volunteers and Experts

The new WCPT DOVES database connects the global physical therapy community, offering the chance to search for expertise and develop the profession internationally.

WCPT has relaunched its existing experts database as the Database of Volunteers and Experts (DOVES), creating a searchable database of international volunteers who are willing to develop the profession by supporting WCPT member organisations and their collaborators.

The DOVES database offers the chance to search for professional expertise and connect with practitioners who have world-class insights on global health. More than 300 physical therapists have already registered, creating a major resource offering advice on practice, education, research and policy.

“The new DOVES database represents a significant development in the global physical therapy community,” says WCPT President Emma Stokes. “It is part of our commitment to creating a community where everyone feels connected, no matter where they are in the world.

“The database allows everyone from early-career professionals to established physical therapists and researchers to connect with recognised experts and peers around the world. The DOVES database has already generated significant interest, and we encourage as many people to register to become a WCPT DOVE as possible.”

The DOVES database includes three levels of involvement: expert, experienced and interested, allowing a range of individuals to contribute to the knowledge base.

Registration is free of charge, and registered experts have the option to choose whether their information is publicly available or not.

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