Paediatric PTs in Disneyland

19 Apr 2010

The International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Paediatrics (IOPTP) joined with the American Physical Therapy Association’s Section on Pediatrics to organise a conference on “Moving Children Forward through Global Discovery and International Collaboration”. The conference was held in January in Walt Disney World, Florida.

An overturned lorry in Ghana. Picture courtesy WHO

Decade of action for road safety declared by United Nations

19 Apr 2010

Governments around the world have voted to increase action to address road safety issues, and through the United Nations General Assembly have proclaimed this the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The declaration seeks to save lives by halting the increasing trends in road traffic deaths and injuries worldwide.

British physiotherapist David Young in Haiti with survivors of the earthquake. Picture courtesy CBM

Physical therapists rehabilitate and rebuild in disaster zones

19 Apr 2010

Victims of the recent natural disasters in Haiti and Chile are gaining mobility and independence as a result of the continuing work of physical therapists. In Haiti, physical therapists from around the world have been supporting local health services to rehabilitate people.

Shaun Cleaver (right) in Haiti.

What happens in disaster zones after media attention fades?

19 Apr 2010

The recent natural disasters in Chile, Haiti and now China have demonstrated the importance of vulnerable countries having a good health structure in place, and physical therapists quickly available. As the countries begin to rebuild themselves, WCPT and other organisations and individuals are highly aware that more could be done to ensure that countries are better prepared for earthquakes and other disasters.

Workplace issues get a new profile

19 Apr 2010

The Positive Practice Environments Campaign, in which WCPT is a partner, has a new website ( The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of the environment in which health professionals practice, and how it can affect recruitment and retention of staff.

New education guidelines provide tools for building the profession

19 Apr 2010

Three new sets of draft guidelines on professional education are about to be sent to WCPT member organisations for feedback. They will play an important role in developing programmes, and supporting the growth of the profession in underserved areas of the world, according to the WCPT Executive Committee, which appraised progress on the guidelines at its meeting in London in March.

Neil Pakenham-Walsh speaking at the launch of HIFA2015-Portuguese in Mozambique in November.

Thousands dying every day for lack of health information

19 Jan 2010

Information isn’t just power – it can save lives too. But how do you get vital information about quality research, resources and treatment options to frontline health workers wherever they may be in the world? Simon Crompton talks to the founder of a campaign that is addressing just that.

Welcome to the sweet shop

19 Jan 2010

Delegates attending the forthcoming WCPT Congress, to be held in Amsterdam next year, will have a new flexibility in selecting which sessions to attend to suit their needs best. The programmes within the congress, and in related activities, are being dovetailed so that delegates can select a combination of scientific sessions, such as focused symposia and discussion sessions, practical courses and visits, all within their area of interest.

Why PTs need to get involved with clinical guidelines

19 Jan 2010

One of physical therapy’s world experts on clinical guidelines is now a leading name in the major international association for guidelines. It’s increasingly important that physical therapists – and WCPT – are involved in the field, he tells Simon Crompton.

Regulation specialists prepare to pass on their expertise

19 Jan 2010

It’s not too late to book for the Second World Health Professions Conference on Regulation (WHPCR 2010), organised by WCPT and the World Health Professions’ Alliance. The aim of the event, to be held on 18th and 19th February in Geneva, Switzerland, is to shape the future of health profession regulation.

A mine risk education programme in Angola. Picture by Clube de Jovens, courtesy of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines

WCPT calls on members to push for weapons ban

19 Jan 2010

WCPT has set out its opposition to the use of landmines, nuclear, chemical and biological agents, and other weapons of armed violence in a new draft statement. WCPT encourages member organisations and their members to work towards the elimination of landmines, nuclear, chemical, biological and other weapons of armed violence.

One word, big difference for IFOMT

19 Jan 2010

The WCPT subgroup formerly known as the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapists has changed its name – by the addition of one word. It is now formally called the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT).

The change was made following a member vote in July. The organisation wanted to reflect more accurately that IFOMPT is comprised of physiotherapists/physical therapists.

Turkish Physiotherapy Association celebrates its 40th birthday

19 Jan 2010

The Turkish Physiotherapy Association was established at Hacettepe University in 1969. It held a ball on 24th October to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Many founders, and those completing their 40th year in the profession, attended, and were presented with commemorative plaques.

WCPT speaks up for physical activity at WHO obesity meeting

19 Jan 2010

WCPT was represented at a World Health Organization meeting on preventing childhood obesity, held in Geneva in December. The forum and technical meeting brought together academics and government officials from across all WHO regions, as a first step in developing recommendations on population-based strategies to prevent childhood obesity.

Subgroups in the making need to hear from special interest groups

19 Jan 2010

Six global organisations for physical therapists are working towards recognition as official WCPT subgroups. But to achieve their aim, some need to make contact with special interest groups linked with WCPT Member Organisations around the world.

Physiotherapists provide a demonstration during the exhibition in Tel Aviv.

Israeli physiotherapists run study days at major exhibition

23 Oct 2009

The Israeli Physiotherapy Society held two study days at a major exhibition of aids and assistive devices for disabled people, held each year at the Trade Fair Centre in Tel Aviv. Visitors to this exhibition, called Expo 2009, include those with special needs, their families and care givers and rehabilitation professionals.

Breakthrough palliative care meeting in Vienna

23 Oct 2009

Around 90 physical therapists attended the first ever “Physiotherapy Pre-meeting” before the 11th Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) held earlier this year in Vienna.

IPPA study shows that self-referral to physical therapy works

23 Oct 2009

A major international study examining the nature and outcomes of physical therapy, sponsored by the International Private Practitioners Association (IPPA), has been completed. Its results indicate that physical therapists work safely and effectively as independent practitioners, without need for a doctor referral.


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