IPPA study shows that self-referral to physical therapy works

23 Oct 2009

A major international study examining the nature and outcomes of physical therapy, sponsored by the International Private Practitioners Association (IPPA), has been completed. Its results indicate that physical therapists work safely and effectively as independent practitioners, without need for a doctor referral.

Physiotherapy students at Masterskill College in Malaysia get into the spirit of their World Physical Therapy Day celebrations under the Movement for Health banner.

Massive response to World PT Day

23 Oct 2009

In a remarkable global demonstration of professional commitment, at least a third of WCPT’s 101 member organisations organised publicity and events to mark World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September.

Representatives from all of the physiotherapy institutes in Bangladesh attended a rally to mark the day.

Major TV profile in Bangladesh

23 Oct 2009

The Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) achieved blanket television coverage on World Physical Therapy Day.

The procession of physiotherapists, led by the Kenya Administration Police band, on their awareness-raising march.

March brings Nairobi to a standstill

23 Oct 2009

A rally of physiotherapists marking World Physical Therapy Day brought the Kenyan capital Nairobi to a standstill. The procession, including representatives of the profession from Kenya, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and Germany walked through the streets in a display of pomp and colour, accompanied by the band from the Kenya Administration Police.

As Nepalese physiotherapists march through the streets, the message is that physiotherapists help cut heart deaths and control pain.

Nepalese minister hears of need for physiotherapy in hospitals

23 Oct 2009

The Nepal Physiotherapy Association celebrated World Physical Therapy Day with a rally to raise public awareness of the profession and then a workshop on "Challenges and opportunities for physiotherapy in Nepal". More than 150 physiotherapists took part.

Some of the physiotherapists who were providing free ergonomic and neuromuscular consultations at the Singapore Physiotherapy Association's public event in East Coast Park.

New award for physiotherapists in Singapore

23 Oct 2009

The Singapore Physiotherapy Association celebrated World Physical Therapy Day with a day-long public event including awards, musculoskeletal and ergonomic testing, fitness and back pain consultations, falls assessments, Tai-Chi demonstrations and give-away goodie bags.

Queues of people form to get their personal fitness tested on the physio bus.

Swiss physio bus hits the road

23 Oct 2009

Physioswiss, the Swiss Association of Physiotherapy, celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, and on World Physical Therapy Day its “physio bus” set off on a health promotion tour of the whole of Switzerland until 24th September 2009.

Physical therapists from the National Taiwan University Hospital made fitness testing available to the public.

Olympic athlete supports Movement for Health

23 Oct 2009

The Physical Therapy Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day for the first time, with a special half-day event based around the “Movement for health” theme. The celebration took place at the School of Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University, and attracted many members of the public and physical therapists.

The department faculty and student class officers during the event at the University of South Alabama, with Dr Kyoung Kim, speaking from South Korea, in the background.

International video conference marks World PT Day in America

23 Oct 2009

An innovative experiment in video conferencing marked World Physical Therapy Day in the United States, where the Physical Therapy Department at the University of South Alabama celebrated World Physical Therapy Day with two international lectures transmitted from overseas.

Physiotherapists from Rwanda demonstrate aerobic exercises at a public gathering following their health walk in Kigali City.

World PT Day activities in brief

23 Oct 2009

Dozens of WCPT member organisations have organised events and activities to mark World Physical Therapy Day – some of them lasting a full week. Here are some of the highlights in brief.

Ann Moore

New ideas, big issues, new ways of thinking: why Congress will deliver

23 Oct 2009

What makes a WCPT Congress special? The International Scientific Committee organising the programme for the 2011 event is building on past experience and surveys of physical therapists to try and create an event that is invaluable to the profession – whichever part of the world you happen to come from. Simon Crompton talks to Ann Moore, Chair of the Committee, about the planning to date, and what’s in store.

WCPT creates new links to education programmes

23 Jul 2009

WCPT is compiling information about approved physical therapy entry-level education programmes around the world. It will be making information about the programmes easily available via the WCPT website.

Physiotherapy journal gains Medline status

23 Jul 2009

The journal Physiotherapy is to be included in Medline – reflecting growing recognition of physical therapists by doctors and other health professions, and an increasing scientific evidence base for the profession.

Why regulation matters to all of us

23 Jul 2009

The regulation of health professionals is emerging as one of the most topical issues among health care disciplines in the 21st century. Next February, the 2nd health professions' regulation conference will be held in Geneva, hosted by the World Health Professions Alliance and WCPT. Why should we be interested?
Pictured during a workshop section, seated left to right: Ulyana Kuka and Thereza Lavrukh of the Ukrainian Association of Rehabilitation Specialists; Emma Stokes, WCPT Executive Committee member; and Oksana Kunanec-Swarnyk of the Ukrainian Association of Rehabilitation Specialists. Left foreground: Natalia Skrypka, Ukrainian Association of Rehabilitation Specialists.

Building a firm professional footing in Ukraine

23 Jul 2009

Physical therapists in Ukraine welcomed a visit by representatives from WCPT and the Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Association (KNGF) in May as they build a professional body and a strong footing for the profession in their country.


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