WCPT opens call for awards committee

29 Nov 2017

This week a call for nominations for membership of the Awards Committee for the WCPT Awards programme has been issued to all WCPT member organisations.

WCPT Congress wins Incredible Impacts award

15 Nov 2017

The 2017 WCPT Congress in Cape Town has won an Incredible Impacts award for its range of outstanding legacy activities that have benefitted Africa and the wider community.  

Top software scientists support international rehab initiative

10 Nov 2017

Scientists and software engineers at CERN in Geneva are collaborating with voluntary organisation Developing Physio to provide rehab skills and education in remote communities and low-income countries including Nepal, Burma and India.

WCPT pays tribute to Inger Brøndsted

25 Sep 2017

WCPT is sad to announce the passing of Inger Brøndsted, who served as the WCPT Executive Committee member for the European Region (1999-2003) and WCPT Vice President (2003-07).

Joy in Work - An Essential Resource

11 Sep 2017

By Emma K Stokes, WCPT President

‘In Sweden we’ve set a goal. We want to develop from a professional organisation that has to chase to be listened to, into an organisation which is constantly in demand, and obvious to the authorities.’
- Stefan Jutterdal


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