WCPT publishes information note on physical therapy equipment donation

19 Sep 2018

In some countries nearly 80% of health care equipment is donated or funded by international donors. But, according to WHO a large proportion (up to 70% in sub-Saharan Africa) of donated equipment lies idle because of a disconnect between recipients and donors around need.

Lorena Enebral Pérez honoured by home town

18 Sep 2018

Lorena Enebral Pérez, the amputee rehabilitation specialist who was shot and killed by a patient at a Red Cross rehabilitation centre in Afghanistan, has been honoured by the town in which she lived.

Have your say on WCPT’s Education Guidelines

30 Aug 2018

The WCPT Board appointed an Education Policy and Guidelines Expert Working Group (EPPG-EWG) to work with an external consultant on a review of the current education resources.

WHO calls for organisations to share rehabilitation competency frameworks

23 Aug 2018

The World Health Organization (WHO) Rehabilitation Programme is calling for organisations, associations and institutions to share their rehabilitation-related competency frameworks. The shared competency frameworks will help WHO develop resources to support countries seeking to strengthen their human resources for rehabilitation.

WCPT board recommends six associations for membership

22 Aug 2018

WCPT’s Executive Board has approved six physical therapy associations as provisional member organisations. These associations will be recommended for admission to full membership at the next General Meeting, which is due to take place in Geneva, 7-9 May 2019.

WCPT pays tribute to Brian Davey

15 Aug 2018

WCPT has learned of the death of Brian Davey, who served as the WCPT Executive Committee member for the Western Pacific Region (1982-88) and WCPT President (1988-91).

Physical therapists celebrate LGBT+ pride

19 Jul 2018

Physical therapists from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapist’s (CSP) LGBT+ network took part in the annual Pride in London parade on 7 July. The parade is a celebration of LGBT+ pride and raises awareness of LGBT+ issues

Advocacy success in Taiwan

18 Jul 2018

WCPT Chief Executive Officer Jonathon Kruger recently spent nine days in Taiwan advocating for physical therapy and the role of WCPT.

Profiles reveal global state of physical therapy profession

28 Jun 2018

WCPT provides an important service by collating data about the global state of the physical therapy profession. For a number of years WCPT has published data from its membership organisations on a range of issues, including professional regulation, practice, education, and the number of employed physical therapists. This data provides a comprehensive and valuable global profile of the profession.

Physical therapists provide support in Guatemala

20 Jun 2018

Members of the Ecuadorian Society of Physiotherapy (SEF) have been taking part in a humanitarian support team, to provide physical therapy to people affected by the recent volcanic eruption in Guatemala. More than 100 people have died and more than 300 people have been injured as a result of the volcano.

Danish physical therapists celebrate 100th anniversary

08 Jun 2018

WCPT President Emma Stokes and the Danish Minister of Health Ellen Trane Nørby were among the guests at the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Association of Danish Physiotherapists, Danske Fysioterapeuter.


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