Knowledge resources in spinal injuries grow

19 Oct 2015

A new web-based content creation project on spinal cord injuries (SCI) is drawing in physical therapists from around the world to build a new resource for the profession and the SCI community.

WHO's new framework for ageing puts the emphasis on activity

07 Oct 2015

The World Health Organization has published a new framework for public health action on ageing around the world, rejecting the stereotype of older people as frail and dependent. At the same time, it is consulting on a new action plan on ageing and health – and WCPT is encouraging physical therapists to take part.

Massive response to World PT Day

09 Sep 2015

Thousands of physical therapists around the world got in the spirit of World Physical Therapy Day – organising activities, talking to the public, engaging in debate and celebrating the profession’s achievement.

Emma Stokes pictured during the WCPT General Meeting in Singapore in April

How we can fulfil the potential of our profession

07 Sep 2015

By Emma Stokes, WCPT President

As World Physical Therapy Day has approached, I have been thinking a lot about its theme, “Fulfilling potential”, and how we as a community work together to fulfil the potential of our profession.

WCPT's new Executive Board gets to work

20 Jul 2015

WCPT’s new Executive Board met for the first time in June, just eight weeks after their election at the WCPT General Meeting in Singapore. As well as getting down to business – establishing a finance committee and deciding to set up a membership committee – the board set the groundwork for working together in the future. 

"We are trying to bounce back" say Nepal physiotherapists

20 Jul 2015

Physiotherapists in Nepal report that their country is beginning to recover from the devastating earthquake and aftershock that hit in April and May, and that rehabilitation of injured people is a national priority in the rebuilding process.

Around the world in 60 days

02 Jul 2015

By Emma Stokes, WCPT President

My first two months as WCPT President have taken me to events in Geneva, Japan, Canada and the US, and it has been wonderful to experience diverse groups of clinicians and researchers from around the globe coming together in different and productive ways.

The best of times: thoughts from WCPT Congress

22 May 2015

By Emma Stokes, WCPT President

It’s hard to believe it’s all over. The WCPT Congress 2015 in Singapore was the culmination of four years’ planning and consideration and what a success it was. Thank you to the 3,500 physical therapists from around the world who took part.


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