Patient safety

The patient safety programme was launched in response to a World Health Assembly Resolution (2002) urging WHO and Member States to pay the closest possible attention to the problem of patient safety. Patient safety is defined as ‘the absence of preventable harm to a patient during the process of health care.’

WCPT activities towards patient safety include: 

WHO resources

  • The campaign Clean Care is Safer Care promotes hand hygiene. A range of guides, videos and podcasts is available from the WHO website.

  • Patient Safety Research: A guide for developing training programmes from WHO outlines current concepts on curriculum building, training and education in the field of patient safety research. Intended for course organisers, trainers or faculty members who contribute towards curriculum development and the organisation of training programmes this guide provides a list of core training objectives, based on a set of agreed core competencies, and examples for training programmes to be selectively chosen by educators based on their own programme objectives and target audience.