Member services

An important part of WCPT’s mission is to further the physical therapy profession internationally by supporting its members with information, expertise and services. WCPT provides various types of services for its member organisations.

Advocacy and support

WCPT helps member organisations increase the standing of the profession in their country and advocate for change in service delivery. It supports member organisations who are trying to improve recognition, education and standards in the profession, creating opportunities and dialogues with government and other professions. It also provides packages of advocacy materials, guidance and access to a wide range of international professional networks.


WCPT helps its member organisations develop high quality education through its education policies, curriculum guidelines, website resources and education services. It offers its own education accreditation service, and partners with organisations providing continuing professional development.

WCPT Database of Volunteers and Experts

WCPT Database of Volunteers and Experts (WCPT DOVES) is a searchable database of people who have offered to volunteer their services to help develop the physical therapy profession internationally.

Profiling the profession

WCPT compiles consistent and comparable information about the profession, its education, practice, regulation and associations, from all over the world. WCPT first started collecting data provided by its member organisations in 2011. 

Congress and events

WCPT organises the largest gathering of physical therapists worldwide at its congress, held every two years. It also organises a range of other events including summits of professional leaders exploring specific professional issues. Through these events WCPT draws the world of physical therapy together, and provides member organisations with a means of sharing knowledge, experience and expertise. These events are linked to WCPT’s strategic priorities and policy implementation, and are aimed at developing the profession internationally.


The WCPT Awards programme recognises the outstanding contributions and leadership made by physical therapists to the profession and/or global health at an international level. The awards are presented every four years at the WCPT General Meeting. WCPT also holds competitions encouraging physical therapists and their patients to submit work representing the contribution of the profession to global health.