Social media

WCPT is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  All four of these means of social networking offer important opportunities for physical therapists around the world to share information and develop new links.


You can follow WCPT on Facebook.  WCPT provides regular updates and snippets of information on its Facebook page.  You can provide comments on what we say, or show how much you like it!  Some organisations associated with WCPT, such as subgroups, also have Facebook pages.


You don't need to have anything to say on Twitter, but if you sign up you can follow organisations such as WCPT which provide regular comments and updates - and links to interesting information on physical therapy.


WCPT belongs to LinkedIn, and through our page you can link to hundreds of other physical therapists who you know, or may have similar interests to your own.  Many organisations associated with WCPT, such as subgroups and networks, are developing discussion groups through LinkedIn.


WCPT posts videos of interviews and events on its YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to the channel and keep track of WCPT activity.  And if you subscribe to YouTube yourself you can make contact with people who have similar video interests to your own.