New initiative for WCPT subgroups

WCPT held is first ever Leadership Forum for representatives of its subgroups on 10th-11th March. Bringing together subgroup leaders with the WCPT Executive Committee, members of the WCPT Secretariat and organisations aspiring to be subgroups, the meeting examined ways in which the organisations could move forward together through collaboration and information sharing.

“All of WCPT’s subgroups share WCPT’s vision of moving physical therapy forward so that the profession is recognised globally for its significant role in improving health and wellbeing,” said Tracy Bury, WCPT’s Director of Professional Policy, who organised the meeting, held at the WCPT Secretariat in London.  “Sharing knowledge and experiences along with maximising opportunities for collaborative working are keys to success.”

The response from participants to this breakthrough event has been positive. “The forum was an excellent event, giving a very clear picture of WCPT expectations for subgroups with lots of helpful examples of what's worked and what's not been so good,”  said Nicola Hunter, of the International Federation of Physical Therapists working in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, an international group working towards recognition as a WCPT subgroup.

“I came away very impressed with the professionalism of WCPT. I have lots of useful information and tips to feed back to my colleagues.”

WCPT subgroups are independent international organisations for physical therapists with a specific area of interest, which have met specific requirements to be recognised as a WCPT subgroup.  They promote the advancement of physical therapy and exchange of scientific knowledge in their field.

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