World Physical Therapy Day 2012 - Brazil

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2012, the Department of Physical Therapy of the Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro, in association with the Brazilian Association of Woman’s Health Physical Therapy, organised activities to spread the awareness, value and importance of the different areas of the profession to various population groups. The following activities took place on 13th October, the official Brazilian Physical Therapy Day.

  • At the university, students from different departments had the opportunity to experience the practice of physical therapy by enrolling in biodance, stretching and body perception.
  • Activities pertinent to sensory stimulation were offered to visually impaired patients, their caregivers, and the administrative, educational, social work, psychological and occupational therapy staff from the Central Brazil Institute for the Blind. The undergraduate students from the Department of Physical Therapy of the Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro also took part.
  • Women took part in activities aiming at education for health and body perception exercises.
  • In the city park, outdoor activities provided interaction between physically impaired patients and staff from the Uberaba Physically Impaired Association.
  • The public health system provided the elderly with activities aiming at health promotion and disease prevention.

Associacao de Fisioterapeutas do Brasil

The WCPT member organisation in Brazil, the Associacao de Fisioterapeutas do Brasil (AFB) also marked World Physical Therapy Day by issuing a flyer reinforcing its commitment to always be on the side of and fight for the rights of its members and continually aim for new professional achievements.

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