WCPT resources

In addition to WCPT policies, resources here can help physical therapists work strategically to develop direct access and self-referral services and, where required, open discussions with government health departments, regulatory bodies, health professionals and others to bring about the necessary changes to support the implementation of self-referral/direct access services.


WCPT has undertaken a global survey of direct access among WCPT’s member organisations.  A WCPT report summarises the key findings by member organisation and two peer-reviewed articles have been published:

You can also find out more about the scope of practice in each of the countries of WCPT’s member organisations via their profile pages in the members section which will contain the most up to date information, including changes in direct access status.


Policy summit

The Advanced Scope of Practice and Direct Access in Physical Therapy Policy Summit of 2009 looked in detail at the evidence for self-referral/direct access and strategies for influencing policy and implementing change from across the globe.  The presentations provide summaries of the evidence and perspectives from different WCPT member organisations.