WCPT promotes access to the profession for people with disabilities

WCPT is promoting access to physical therapy education for people with disabilities and supporting physical therapists with disabilities in practice through a new information-based project. 

The Confederation wants to facilitate access to physical therapy professional entry level education by people with disabilities. It also wants to raise awareness about steps that can be taken to enable people with disabilities to continue practising as physical therapists, and help those who acquire disabilities to stay in the profession.

In a new project, prompted by a motion from the UK’s Chartered Society of Physiotherapy at the WCPT General Meeting in June 2011, the Confederation aims to raise awareness, produce information and encourage good practice. A project advisory group to support the project on disability access to professional entry level education and practice has now been established. 

The group will provide insight into the issues that should be taken into account, developing resources and the information needs of member organisations and physical therapists in relation to disability within the profession. It will also provide feedback on the resources that could be developed to meet information needs.

The project, and the advisory group, embrace all types of disabilities, including visual, physical and mental. It is being run in collaboration with Jennifer Audette and the DPT program from the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Rhode Island in the United States. 

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