Are you ready to join the global conversation?

WCPT is promoting a new range of opportunities for physical therapists to network with each other around the world, through new forums and social media opportunities. 

This month it launches a new discussion forum on Facebook for those physical therapists interested in volunteering, practising, studying or conducting research outside their own countries (to gain access, “like” WCPT’s Facebook page). This joins WCPT’s own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and a range of forums and social media meeting places set up by WCPT subgroups and networks for physical therapists with a specific clinical interest.

Tracy Bury, WCPT’s Professional Policy Director, explains that the growth of social media has presented new opportunities for the profession to network, superseding traditional website-based forums.  And WCPT and its associated groups are helping physical therapists communicate with colleagues with common interests.

“WCPT’s networks and subgroups of physical therapists with a specific interest are using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn more and more,” she said. “They realise that people are using them in their daily lives, and the change to using them professionally isn’t a big one. However, it is worthwhile being mindful of your  professional conduct when using them. Many of WCPT’s member organisations provide guidance on this for their members. ”

“It’s about communication and disseminating information, and also about providing a platform for peer support.” WCPT subgroups and networks that do not currently have forums or a social media presence are currently exploring them.” 

Here is a list of forums and social media discussion groups run by WCPT and its subgroups and networks.

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