This year's materials focus on the importance of exercise for young and old alike.

Fit for the future: new World Physical Therapy Day resources launched

WCPT has launched updated materials to support physical therapists in organising activities for World Physical Therapy Day 2013. The message is again Movement for Health – this time with an emphasis on staying fit no matter how young or old you are.

The new materials were published as the World Health Organization drew attention to physical inactivity as one of the most common and persistent contributors to poor health in the world. An editorial in the WHO Bulletin said that “we are failing to promote regular physical activity regularly”. It called for a greater emphasis in campaigns on the quality of life that exercise can bestow, and drew attention to the importance of tailoring physical activity to each person’s individual abilities.

These are central themes in this year’s WCPT World Physical Therapy Day toolkit of campaign materials. They highlight the importance of all people exercising, whatever their age or physical ability – and getting specialist advice from a physical therapist to find activities that are suitable for them.  

WCPT has produced posters and leaflets with the central message “Fit for the future” – designed to be handed out direct to the public to convey key messages including: 

  • staying active throughout your life means you can enjoy the present and set firm foundations for the years ahead
  • people who don’t keep exercising lose independence and get less out of life
  • if people have problems that might affect how they exercise, they should get advice from a physical therapist, the qualified experts in movement and exercise.

“The wonderful thing about World Physical Therapy Day is that it can highlight the importance of every aspect of physical activity, and every aspect of physical therapy practice from paediatrics to geriatrics,” said WCPT President Marilyn Moffat. “Physical therapists can highlight exactly what we do, and how we do it.”

The new toolkit of materials is designed to help physical therapists around the world organise activities and campaigns for World Physical Therapy Day. However, as in previous years, WCPT is encouraging physical therapists around the world to publicise the aspects of health and the profession's work which are most appropriate to national needs and circumstances.

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