Professional partnerships

WCPT is pleased to be partnering with – freely available web software produced by physical therapists that enables PTs around the world to generate exercise programmes for their patients. currently contains over 1,000 exercises for people with different injuries and disabilities. Each exercise is illustrated and has accompanying explanatory text. The library of exercises continue to grow through the support of sponsors.

The website enables physiotherapists to search for exercises and then compile them into individualised booklets for patients.  The booklets can be exported in different formats including Word, HTML and PDF, and can then be printed, emailed or sent to patients’ mobile devices.

The website is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. - 1 minute summary from E Learn SCI on Vimeo.


WCPT is pleased to be partnering with PEDro – the Physiotherapy Evidence Database.

PEDro is a free database of over 24,000 randomised trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines in physical therapy. It provides citation details, an abstract and a link for each trial, review or guideline. All trials on PEDro are independently assessed for quality. These quality ratings are used to quickly guide users to trials that are more likely to be valid and to contain sufficient information to guide clinical practice.

PEDro is produced by the Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy at The George Institute for Global Health on a not for profit basis.

As an international initiative furthering high quality practice, PEDro shares many of the same objectives and values as WCPT. WCPT believes that PEDro is an essential resource that informs evidence-based physical therapy practice worldwide and helps provide better services for those needing physical therapy.

Therefore WCPT is happy to raise awareness of PEDro, promote its value and encourage physical therapists around the world to consult and support it.


WCPT is pleased to be partnering with Physiopedia – the online Wikipedia for physical therapists. Physiopedia is a free resource of physical therapy knowledge, collaboratively edited and driven by experts.

Its mission is to help improve global heath by providing universal access to physical therapy knowledge. Physiopedia offers a place where physical therapists throughout the world can contribute, share, and gain knowledge.

With an evidence based approach to physical therapy services, it offers opportunities for all physical therapists to develop as professionals.  As a collaborative and international site, Physiopedia is uniting physical therapists globally to develop and promote the profession.

Physiopedia and WCPT share many of the same objectives and values. Therefore WCPT is happy to promote the Physiopedia website, and encourage physical therapists around the world to consult it and contribute to it.