PTs from Asia Western Pacific gather in Taiwan for regional congress

Physical therapists from WCPT’s Asia Western Pacific region have gathered in Taichung, Taiwan, to share knowledge and hear about the ways the profession is promoting health throughout the world.

The theme of the WCPT Asia Western Pacific (AWP) regional congress is “Health promotion through physical therapy”, and on the Saturday of the congress (7th September) representatives from WCPT presented a symposium on international policy and global health.

WCPT President Marilyn Moffat, who officially opened the congress, gave a presentation about how physical activity is at the heart of the profession. 

“Our profession’s response to the challenges of the 21st century will continually see evolution from treatment of disease and ill health to promotion of health, wellness, and fitness and prevention of ill health,” she said. “Our roles in combating non-communicable diseases and their inherent risk factors could have a major impact on their devastating consequences.”

Margot Skinner, WCPT’s Executive Committee member from Asia Western Pacific addressed the ways in which professional entry level education could reflect the profession’s role in promoting health. “How do we engage with our education institutes to ensure that the curricula are adequately addressing global health priorities?” she asked. WCPT could help the process, she suggested, through its education programme accreditation service.

WCPT’s WCPT’s Executive Committee member from Africa, Joyce Mothabeng, described WCPT’s policy-based activity, providing examples of its relevance throughout the world.

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