Under the Fit for the future theme, physiotherapists at the Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2013with the aim to

  • promote the physiotherapy profession in the hospital
  • draw attention to physical inactivity as one of the most common and persistent contributors to poor health and promote regular physical activity
  • emphasise the increased quality of life that exercise can bestow, and the importance of tailoring physical activity to each person’s individual abilities.

The physiotherapists, along with other hospital staff, began the day with a zumba class, followed by a full day event which attracted 131 participants to their mini exhibition in the hospital lobby. Here there was a World Physical Therapy Day 2013 information board, free posture and body composition analysis and interactive sessions with the physiotherapy department. World Physical Therapy Day pamphlets, wristbands, bookmarks and T shirts were distributed to commemorate the day.


Faculty of Health Sciences, University Kebangsaan

World Physical Therapy Day 2013 was celebrated for the first time at the Faculty. This event was organised under the theme ‘Fit for the future’. The day was launched with aerobic exercises, and this was followed by an exhibition on guidelines to perform and maintain exercises, physical activity and healthy lifestyles. A few booths were also set up by physiotherapy postgraduates and staff offering free examinations, advice and consultation of posture, low back pain, limb loading and breathing exercises. This programme provided awareness regarding the importance of fitness not only to the community but also to the physiotherapy students taking part in it. It also highlighted the extensive role of physiotherapists. Prevention and promotion of health were the key messages of the ‘Fit for the future’ theme.