This year Latvian physiotherapists celebrated World Physical Therapy Day for the fifth time.Through initiatives led by the Latvian Physiotherapists’ Association, physiotherapists all around the country held events in health centres, hospitals and public squares. Posters, brochures and T-shirts were made freely available.

Activities held around the country included:

  • free physiotherapy services provided in 42 health institutions
  • posters displayed in hospitals, health centres and physiotherapy clinics
  • World Physical Therapy Day brochures made available to patients highlighting the significant role the profession makes to the health and wellbeing of the population
  • an informative campaign was organised on streets and public squares. Physiotherapists wearing “Physiotherapist for everyone” T-shirts were explaining “What is Physiotherapy?” and “How a physiotherapist can help?”
  • a photo contest between physiotherapists was held
  • all events were published on the official website, radio and on Facebook.

There was great interest in the World Physical Therapy Day celebrations and activities held, from both patients and physiotherapists.