The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy marked the day nationwide with an array of activities.

How do you rate World Physical Therapy Day?

How successful was World Physical Therapy Day for you? With reports continuing to come in from all over the world, there are indications that 2013 activities have had a greater impact than ever before. Now WCPT would like a better idea of how you rate the success of your World Physical Therapy Day activities this year. 

It is asking those who participated to complete a very short survey to find out whether activities raised the profile of the profession, and whether the materials that WCPT provides were useful. 

The survey is designed to be completed by anyone who had involvement with any type of World Physical Therapy Day activity and can be completed online. It should take no more than two minutes. 

WCPT has received reports of activities from more than 30 countries, and in some countries dozens of different groups of physical therapists organised events. You can view reports on the World Physical Therapy Day section of the website. Reports are still coming in.

Mia Lockner, WCPT’s Communications Manager, said that there were indications that the reach of World Physical Therapy Day was wider than previous years because of the increasing use of social media. 

“Engagement across social media channels like Facebook and Twitter has been much greater this year and many WCPT member organisations also used this as a way of connecting with their members and highlighting their events,” she said. For example, the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy kept members informed of activities around the country throughout 8th September via their Twitter feed. 

“Ever since WCPT founded World Physical Therapy Day in 1996, we have believed it is a great way for the profession to come together globally and communicate some very important messages about who we are and what we do,” said Marilyn Moffat, WCPT President. “It’s gratifying that so many physical therapists are devoting so much time and energy to the day. The end result can only be positive.”

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