An educational session featuring Summer Lopez was one of a series of events held in Jamaica.

Seven days of 'Fit for the future' activities in Jamaica

The Jamaica Physiotherapy Association organised seven days of “Fit for the future” activities for their physiotherapy week, starting on 9th September.  

The week was filled with events to celebrate, educate and promote the profession. They included open days, a back care seminar, fundraising walks and runs, fitness testing sessions, health talks, surveys and fitness workshops for women. At Kingston Public Hospital, physiotherapists joined with doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists to give educational talks.

Physiotherapy also received national publicity when Karen Parker, Head of the Physiotherapy Department at the Kingston Public Hospital, and Antoinette McLean, Supervisor at the University Hospital of the West Indies, made appearances on Jamaica’s morning television programme Smile Jamaica. Karen Parker demonstrated fitness testing and gave an introduction to the role of physiotherapists in fitness. Antoinette McLean promoted the hospital’s fundraising walk/run. 

“Overall, the week was filled with activities surrounding the theme and our combined efforts were well received in the different spheres,” said Savionne Gayle, Secretary of the Jamaica Physiotherapy Association. 

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