A public exercise session at the World PT Day event

Public fitness events and launch of new study on mobile devices by Hong Kong association

During September the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association combined its 50th anniversary celebrations with a series of World Physical Therapy Day activities. It also launched a new study into the effects of computers and mobile phones on the population of Hong Kong which gained widespread publicity. 

The HKPA and the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University conducted a joint study on the health effects of electronic devices. It found that, of 1049 people surveyed, 70% of the adults and 30% of school children and adolescents had reported musculoskeletal symptoms in relation to the use of electronic products.

After a press conference to publicise the study and communicate the importance of physical therapists in promoting appropriate exercise, the results were widely reported in Hong Kong newspapers and electronic media. 

Seven days later, on 8th September, a function to mark the anniversary and World Physical Therapy Day at Hong Kong Polytechnic University attracted 200 members of the general public. This followed an advertising campaign, promotion at schools and elderly day centres and support from community groups.

The event was organised jointly by the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association, the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Fitness Center of the Community Resources Network, Physiotherapy Concern and the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Union.

It included health booths, speeches, educational talks, an on-stage sports performance and an exercise session for all participants.

“There was an excellent participation rate and appreciation from the public,” said Priscilla Poon, President of the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association. “This activity has promoted the role of physiotherapists in promoting primary care and prescribing exercises to members of the public, in order to achieve the specific goals of improving health and physical fitness.”

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