With the assistance of a Lebanese physiotherapist, the Association of Sciences & Techniques in Physiotherapy (ASTP) in Tunisia organised a week-long scientific event at the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax, and a public event at Bab Diwan, the old Souk in the city of Sfax. 

Several activities were held throughout the week.

  • Two post graduate certified courses in medical taping.
  • Workshops took place on hands-on therapy and pain management, initiation to neuro dynamic mobilisations, as well as physical therapy methods to treat & prevent spinal deformities, postural and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.
  • Physiotherapists gathered at the public event to answer questions and give small assessments and treatments.
  • Brochures were distributed to the public on preventing back pain, the benefits of physical therapy and activities to perform to enhance health.
  • A series of competitions were organised in volleyball, football and swimming with diverse activities for children and their families.
  • The public event was covered by the National AL TUNISIA media: Radio FM, TV & newspapers.

This successful collaboration between Tunisian physical therapists and a Lebanese physical therapist was a great success and resulted in good exposure for the profession.