Members of the Zimbabwe Physiotherapy Association were very supportive of World Physical Therapy Day 2013.As part of their efforts to promote the profession, physiotherapists visited institutions that may need physiotherapy input, but were constrained for a variety of reasons.  Members also proposed that instead of having one day of activities, that these instead would be spread over the course of the year.

Throughout the year, members have given presentations at strategic workshops held by the Medical Rehabilitation Council for all rehab professions, as well as at doctors’ practices, sports institutions, gyms, church groups and school career days. A presentation of a scientific paper was also made at the Zimbabwe Medical Association Congress.

The President of the Zimbabwe Physiotherapy Association, Gilson Timire, was invited to talk about physiotherapy on national television.

Some physiotherapy practices offered free treatments on a specific day. Two institutions were visited by members and student members to offer free physiotherapy as well as make donations of needed products. These were very well received and members expressed a wish to conduct more visits during the year.

Five thousand pamphlets were printed and distributed in 13 different centres in Zimbabwe to the public.  In the capital city a group of ten members and student members displayed a banner on the main street, and distributed pamphlets while engaging the public in conversation about physiotherapy.