UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) held activities to commemorate World Physical Therapy Day 2013.

Activities were organized at Hebron and Fawwar Health Centres and included a lecture on the importance of physical activity especially for those with diabetes and/or hypertension, examination of diabetic foot, and distribution of pamphlets on physiotherapy and the cases that can be treated by it.

In addition, a group of school children were invited to the health centres to learn about physiotherapy and were given a session on injuries that may take place during physical activity and how to be treated. Moreover, a session was conducted with nursing staff to discuss the importance of early detection, diagnoses and referral of children with special needs. On another account, an awareness session on the impact of carrying heavy school bags on the student’s posture was conducted at Hassounah Primary School. The target group was 49 mothers of first graders and five teachers from the above mentioned school. Information was given on the main posture deformities among young kids and ways to prevent them. In addition, emphasis was given on healthy eating during the first years of a child’s life as well as the importance of breakfast to start the day in a healthy way.