To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2013, the Macau Physical Therapist Association (MPTA) held a full day of activities on 1st September. A number of informative seminars and exercise workshops were held under the “Movement For Health” theme. The aim of the day was to raise public awareness on the role of physical therapists in injury prevention and health promotion.

The seminars were aimed at different target groups, including the elderly and their caregivers, as well as athletes and pregnant women. Seminars topics included:

  • home care and exercise for the elderly
  • pre- and post-natal care and exercise
  • prevention and treatment of sports injury

Exercise band workshops introduced the use of simple equipment in exercise to help build strength for all age groups. A simple and easy to follow home exercise program and a band were given to each participant after the workshop to encourage them to continue to stay fit and healthy at home.

Overall, the event was well attended with enthusiastic participants and generated much media coverage for MPTA.