World PT Day activities in Fiji last year attracted large crowds of adults and children.

World Physical Therapy Day rated a success

More than three quarters of those physical therapists who organised activities for World Physical Therapy Day believe it helped raise the profile of the profession in their country, according to a WCPT survey.

World PT Day is held annually on the 8th September to raise awareness about the contribution the profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent. WCPT produces a toolkit of resources to help individuals, institutions and member organisations plan their activities. Reports sent in by individuals, institutions and WCPT member organisations show that thousands of physical therapists from all over the world participated in 2013. 

Last October, WCPT published an online survey to gain feedback on how participants rated the day, and the resources that WCPT makes available.  Responses came from 40 countries, and 77% said that their activities had helped to raise the profile of the profession in their country.  

Nearly two thirds of those who responded said that they had used WCPT materials in their activities, and all of them said they were useful. “This year's celebration was the most successful I've ever witnessed since I became a physiotherapist almost two decades ago,” said one respondent.

Brenda Myers, WCPT Secretary General, said: "While the responses are just a small sample of those who participate in World Physical Therapy Day, it is clear that it is an increasingly important landmark in the physical therapy calendar and we always welcome suggestions on what we can do to support those who want to mark it.”

WCPT will be updating its World PT Day materials for 2014. 

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