Representatives of member organisations at the WCPT South America Region meeting in Quito.

South America regional meeting discusses harmonisation of title

WCPT’s South America Region held its regional meeting in Quito, Ecuador, over three days in November. Representatives of seven South America member organisations discussed issues of common interest for physical therapy in the region. 

Delegates discussed the involvement of the region’s member organisations in state health policies, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and regulation of the profession.

Other items considered were:

  • a harmonisation of the different professional titles currently used in the region – physiotherapist, physical therapist, kinesiologist;
  • economic support systems for member organisations in the region;
  • the next congress of the region, to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 27th-29th October 2014, together with the Latin American Academic Meeting to be held on 26th-27th October.

South American winners of Cochrane Network Awards

Researchers from Colombia and Peru have been honoured for their work on non-communicable diseases in the PAHO-Ibero-American Cochrane Network Awards.

The winner in the best systematic review category was a review titled “Efficacy of the prescription of physical activity in obese child population," by Edgar Hernández, María Victoria Valero-Bernal and Erika Mancera, of the National University in Colombia. They identified 204 randomised controlled trials that studied the effects of physical activity on overweight and obese children and 19 met the inclusion criteria. They concluded that comprehensive programmes that include exercise and diet were clinically more effective at reducing obesity in children when combined. 

Yamilée Hurtado , Marianela Oré and Gisely Hijar from Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru, won in the best protocol category. Their protocol was on "Multiple interventions in lifestyles for the prevention of obesity in children and adolescents in low and middle income countries”.

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