Disaster management - WCPT resources

As well as the information produced in this section of the website, WCPT produces policies and its own resources, to support its aim of promoting the engagement of physical therapists and supporting member organisations and individuals in disaster management.

WCPT report on disaster management

Highlighting the role of physical therapists, this in-depth report details guidelines and resources to support practice in disaster management.

WCPT policy on disaster management

The Confederation’s position on disasters and the role of physical therapists.

WCPT policies relevant to disaster management

The Confederation produces a range of policies relevant to disaster management, including statements on:

WCPT Congress learning materials

A discussion panel at WCPT’s 2011 congress addressed the ways in which physical therapists can bring long-term benefits in conflict zones and disaster areas.

Articles in WCPT News

WCPT's online magazine has published a range of articles on disaster management, including: