Knowledge of different regulatory systems is vital, says keynote speaker

A keynote speaker at the international regulation conference to be held in Geneva in May has emphasised the importance of health professionals understanding different regulatory approaches.

“We need to compare and contrast differing perspectives if we are to make informed choices that balance protection of the public with the reform of health systems to address current and future population needs,” said David Benton, Chief Executive of the International Council of Nurses.

David Benton has specialised in regulatory issues throughout his career. At the World Health Professions Regulation Conference, he will take a global look at regulation, examining how open systems theory can be used to track trends and measure progress in introducing high performing regulatory processes.

“Regulation has started to feature more prominently in many policy debates,” he says.  “The problem is that in most countries far too few people understand the advantages and disadvantages of different regulatory systems. They fail to recognise that there are multiple approaches that can be taken.”

The World Health Professions Regulation Conference will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 17th and 18th May. Entitled “Health professional regulation – facing challenges to act in the public interest”, it is aimed at the global community of health professionals.

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