In early September, Swedish physiotherapists celebrated World Physical Therapy Day with hundreds of activities throughout the country.

The focus of the celebration was the change of name of the profession from “Sjukgymnast” to “Fysioterapeut”, effective from 1st January 2014.

2,500 postcards were distributed, along with 2,000 posters on physical activity and 12,000 leaflets about the role of physical therapists. In total over 500 members of the Swedish Association of Physiotherapists ordered materials.

The following activities were held around the country:

  • physical therapists at a gym giving information and advice
  • a lecture on obesity and physical activity
  • a picnic was held for all members with visitors offered advice on physical activity and the opportunity to test their physical capabilities through a few simple strength tests
  • physical therapists at Västmanland hospital celebrated with all departments, tables were set up giving information and visitors could try out various activities including Nordic walking and test their balance and fitness

Media interest was high with journalists and photographers from both local newspapers and the local TV channel reporting on events.

Before World Physical Therapy Day, the Swedish Association of Physiotherapists sent out a press release with a list of activities. An opinion article was also published in a series of local newspapers with the message that physical therapists save money.

Further photographs of events may be viewed on the association’s website