What can aviation tell us about patient safety?

What could health professionals possibly learn from the aviation industry and deep sea drilling? Delegates at the World Health Professions Regulation Conference in May will discover that the experience of these industries have real relevance to those who want to establish safe health services.
Professor Rhona Flin, Director of the Industrial Psychology Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen in the UK, is a leading researcher on leadership, safety culture and decision-making in high risk industries and healthcare. A keynote speaker during the conference session on competence-based approaches to regulation, she will be pointing out the lessons safety-critical industries have for health services.
“All health care jobs have patient safety at their core,” she says. “Where there are adverse events, there’s usually been a failure in communication and decision-making. So those working in health need to look beyond clinical skills and towards understanding the types of expertise that make adverse events less likely.”
“I’ll be talking about the cognitive, social and interpersonal skills that result in safety. In high risk industries, like the aviation industry and deep sea drilling, these skills are prized and complement other skills.”
The World Health Professions Regulation Conference will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 17th and 18th May. Entitled “Health professional regulation – facing challenges to act in the public interest”, it is aimed at the global community of health professionals.
Places are still available at the conference. You can register here