For the first time in several years the Cambodian Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day in 2013 with the following activities:

  • distributed 500 leaflets promoting their activities
  • offered free physical therapy consultations, assessment and treatment to patients
  • printed “Movement for Health” t-shirts and stickers to be worn by all CPTA members
  • gave a presentation and slideshow for patients and their families explaining the role of physical therapy
  • messages about the day and the importance of physical therapy was broadcast by two of Cambodia’s most popular television channels

The CPTA’s objectives for World Physical Therapy Day 2013 were:

  • to be responsible as a member of CPTA in celebrating this international day
  • to strengthen and promote the awareness of physical therapy in Cambodia and in the world
  • to improve and promote health and reduce disability through physical therapy