On Monday 8th September World Physical Therapy Day was highlighted across the country by hundreds of members of the Swedish Association of Physiotherapists. Many of the activities were centred around the name change to “physiotherapist”.

Physiotherapists were in place in hospitals, health centres, plazas and shopping malls with banners, postcards, posters and brochures about the profession, including information about the name change.

In Växjö physiotherapists were at the mall in Grand Samarkand with various sample activities with a focus on preventative health. Among other things offered were gait analysis and a wave measuring muscle mass.

In the main entrance of the hospital in Hudiksvall information about the profession was available, as well as the importance of physical activity, and when it is appropriate to see a physiotherapist. Visitors were also offered blood pressure tests. In Gävle Hospital staff manned information tables. Patients could take part in a balance test and find out about balance training and what measures can be taken in the home to reduce the risk of falls.

In Sundsvall (6th September), Lund (8th September) and Linköping (10th September) meetings were arranged with politicians ahead of the 14th September election in Sweden.

The day also received considerable media attention. Among others interviewed Marita Lindqvist , Chairman of the District Västerbotten, was live on radio P4 Västerbotten.

Further images and links to media coverage of the day are available at: www.fysioterapeuterna.se/fysioterapinsdag