The Zimbabwe Physiotherapy Association (ZPA) decided to mark World Physical Therapy Day 2014 with the launch of its manifesto, the ‘Standards of Excellence in Physiotherapy Practice’ at a function it hosted in Harare, Zimbabwe.

This document had been formulated using the WCPT guideline for standards of physical therapy practice, as well as concepts from other physiotherapy associations and societies worldwide to improve the practice within the profession in Zimbabwe.  It combined the vision of active members of the ZPA with the models of similar initiatives in other countries over the course of many hours of workshops and meetings.  The ZPA was honoured at the event by the presence of many dignitaries in the Health Service and Industry in Zimbabwe.  This manifesto will be launched to the public through national media in the near future.

The ZPA also exhibited at a career guidance event aimed at schools and colleges to promote the profession and to introduce young people to understanding what physiotherapists do and raise public awareness.

The regional branches of the ZPA are considering activities during the year to put into action its vision – Moving Physiotherapy forward in Zimbabwe.