On 7th September, Macau Physical Therapists Association (MPTA) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2014 with a jogging activity.

Held at one of Macau’s most popular jogging track, the Guia Mountain Jogging Track, this year’s function attracted over 100 participants from diverse populations. Besides individual participants, people from an elderly centre, a centre for people with disabilities, and students from university applied to join the event in groups, showing movement and exercise are not limited to any particular population.

Prior to the jogging activity, volunteer physiotherapists conducted a brief workshop on prevention of sport injury, followed by a stretching exercise session, in which proper stretching techniques were emphasised. MPTA members then led the participants to jog or walk at their own pace around the Guia Mountain Jogging Track. Each participant also received a sport towel embroidered with the MPTA logo as a gift, in hopes of reminding them of the role of physical therapists in health promotion and exercise prescription.

In summary, this celebration with jogging activity was held with great success. Not only did the participants learn more about sport injury prevention and the correct method of doing stretching exercises, they also became more aware of physical therapists’ role in disease prevention and health promotion.