There were several events in Singapore

Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA)

In celebration of World Physical Therapy Day 2014, SPA organised a BBQ party at the East Coast Park on 27th September 2014. It was a great activity for fellow physiotherapists to relax and mingle. Participants took the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones as well. It was a wonderful time of bonding for the physiotherapists from public hospitals, private sector, and community sectors. The participants had a great time and fun painting pictures, sculpturing balloons, and cooking BBQ food. Everyone commented that the food was delicious and they enjoyed the interaction! It was indeed a night of camaraderie!

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2014, the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) physiotherapy department organised a walking club and two community events.

The theme of this year was “Walk with Me”; pointing to the role of physiotherapists in rehabilitation and health promotion, as well as raising awareness about walking (an under-utilised mode of exercise).

Leading up to both community events, TTSH physiotherapy department collaborated with Cheng San-Seletar Active Ageing committee over a two month period, to pioneer a walking club for nearby residents. This aimed to empower participants to engage in regular and optimal walking exercise through educational talks and practical sessions.

On the actual day of the community events, activities included:

  • showcase the walking journey of walking club participants
  • educational talks and public forum by Orthopedic Consultant & Physiotherapist from TTSH
  • stage games
  • exercise demonstration
  • interactive & educational booth activities
  • hand-painted photo booth by TTSH physiotherapists
  • special appreciation video of TTSH clients & Physiotherapists
  • educational talks and public forum by Geriatric Consultants & Physiotherapist from TTSH

For the TTSH physiotherapists involved, it was a rare and enriching experience to interact with the community and share their knowledge, as well as a meaningful way to commemorate World Physical Therapy Day.

Changi General Hospital Physiotherapists

Changi General Hospital (CGH) Physiotherapists celebrated World Physical Therapy Day 2014 with a range of programmes held over a two week period. Programmes included:

  • a tailored in-house educational talk to CGH nurses
  • an aerobics class choreographed by a group of CGH physiotherapists for staff from different departments
  • an educational talk on exercising
  • interactive booths were held in the CGH lobby educating the public on fitness and staying fit

An evening of food and games was organised at the end of the event to recognise and appreciate the work of physiotherapists in CGH.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

The Physiotherapy department of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on the 9th of September 2014. The theme was “Sitting Right, Lifting Right, Working Pain-free”. Members of the public, patients and hospital staff learnt how to prevent back and neck pain when using the computer or performing lifting tasks.

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

On this special day, physiotherapists from Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital went down to East Coast Park to celebrate this annual event. They met in the evening at 3pm. The itinerary had a simple but wonderful theme; to eat, have fun and most importantly, to commemorate the efforts of all our physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistants.

Singapore General Hospital

In celebration of Physiotherapy Day 2014,the SGH Physiotherapy department took the opportunity to pay a tribute to their dear colleagues who have dedicated their lives to the profession and made a difference not only to the lives of their patients, but also to their colleagues.

A special gift was presented to their long serving staff to thank them for contributing more than 15 years of passion and enthusiasm. A special video featuring these long service warriors was also made in which they shared what they loved best about the profession and the motivations that kept them serving SGH for all these years...

SPD World Physical Therapy Day

In conjunction with World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September, SPD’s physiotherapists organised a fitness screening and exercise prescription session for SPD staff on 10th September. They conducted individual assessments and recommended ideal exercises for those who signed up for the screening tests. The assessments were carried out at four stations and comprised tests to ascertain the recommended weight for strength training, cardiovascular fitness level, and the individual’s neuro-motor skills, balance, flexibility and posture. The therapists also gave tips on maintaining an injury-free exercise routine.