The Taiwan Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) celebrated the World Physical Therapy Day, as well as Taiwan Physical Therapy Day, on 8th September, just one day before the first National Sports Day on 9th September.

In Chinese the words ‘long’ and ‘nine’ share the same pronunciation, therefore the slogan of the first National Sports Day ‘Sports 99, Healthy for Life’ was a perfect match for the theme of World PT Day ‘Fit to Take Part’.

This year the TPTA celebrations of Word PT Day attracted 11 organisations all over Taiwan to hold special events in promoting PT as the best partners for fitness and health. Activities across Taiwan included:

  • fitness screenings
  • exercise classes promoting cardiopulmonary function
  • muscle strength, flexibility
  • back/neck pain
  • pelvic floor function

There were also several special workshops for enhancing quantity and quality of daily activities in older persons or people with dementia, which has become a big issue in long-term care and health policy in our community.

In particular, the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital in Taipei hosted an activity called ‘Running Ahead with Healthy Strong Legs of Horse’ (2014 was also the Year of Horse) to mark the importance of bone density in maintaining active, healthy life. This event provided free screening for bone density and evaluation of FRAX® (Fracture Risk Assessment) tool, together with individualised exercise activities provided by PT to help the participants in understanding their own status and risk of osteoporosis and fracture, and how to reduce the risk of both by correct, safe exercise.

The World PT Day cerebration of TPTA was concluded by a photo/film contest of the activities. The winner was the PT team from Tainan Chi-Mei Hospital with a film of exercise class entitle ‘Gain Your Health and Move It!’ (www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XxnbqzC4rg#t=367), and the runner-up was the PT team from the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital for their bone health activity (www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Um-RFUCzng). The third place was given to the PT team from Hsin-Chu Cathay Memorial Hospital for their exercise class in preventing dementia (www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6HWk2GfFCw).