To mark World Physical Therapy Day physical therapists in Montenegro held lectures in nine primary schools around the country.

The aim of the lectures was to draw children’s attention to the importance of avoiding bad habits and the role of physical therapists in the health of children. Promotional material was also distributed giving information about physical therapy and the role of physical therapists in the promotion, preservation and promotion of health.

The Physiotherapists' Association of Montenegro wished to alert the public to the movement of the body as an important factor in the prevention of disease. Most people, especially young people, are often more likely to lead a sedentary lifestyle with a television, computer, phone, etc, leading to obesity, joint problems, diabetes, increased risk of high blood pressure, osteoporosis and other diseases. Regular physical activity reduces stress and makes it easy to perform the activities of daily life. Physical therapists help children to overcome the consequences of these diseases and prevent the occurrence of the same.