Coimbra Health School and Figueira da Fox District Hospital celebrated World Physical Therapy Day.


Coimbra Health School

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2015, the Coimbra Health School (Physiotherapy Dept), Physio Coimbra and Sensing Future Technologies offered, for the third consecutive year, a screening of risk of falls, reaching 800 community dwelling adults older than 55 years old. Physiotherapists and PT students focused on the role of physiotherapy in primary health, functional diagnosis, education and counselling for the prevention of falls.


Figueira da Foz District Hospital

In order to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day, the Figueira da Foz District Hospital (Portugal) held several events on 8th September.

The hospital carried out several activities aimed to disseminate to the community lesser known areas of work physiotherapists carry out. These included hydrotherapy, urinary continence physical therapy, cardio-respiratory physical therapy, temporomandibular disorders physical therapy and global postural re-education (Souchard Method).