For the second time in Iran, World Physical Therapy Day was successfully celebrated on 10th September with the help of the Medical Council I.R Iran.

The important people who joined this ceremony were Prof M Hashemi, formerly of the Iranian Physical Therapy Association; Prof Ibrahimi, Chief of Iranian Physical Therapy Association; Prof Mahmoud Fazel, member of the Iranian Supreme Council; Prof Mohseni Bandpay, Chief of the international Baizisi University; Physiotherapist Moazenzadeh, The ceremony was held by Dr Farjoud Shokouhi, member of the Iranian supreme council. At the end of the ceremony the supreme council held a lunch and gifts were exchanged.

Iranian Pediatric Physical Therapy Association

Organised by the Iranian Pediatric Physical Therapy Association, World Physical Therapy Day was celebrated at the Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy department of the Children's Hospital Medical Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

People from different health sectors were invited to inform them about various aspects of physical therapists' activities, in particular those relating to paediatric physical therapy.