Students at McGill University and members of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia celebrated World Physical Therapy Day.

McGill University

Students at McGill University celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September.

Students from the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy promoted the profession through interactive games and a small workshop was held to give people tips and tricks for injury management. Pamphlets with information about physiotherapy and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association were handed out to raise awareness about the profession.

A bake-sale also took place to raise funds for the Physical Therapy Foundation of Canada.

Many volunteers from other study programmes also helped at the booth, and people wrote down what they think physiotherapy meant for them on a large poster.

It was a very fun day for all of us!


Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia

To mark World Physical Therapy Day, the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia launched a video promoting the value of physiotherapy from the patient perspective titled “Choose to Move - Inspiring Stories”.