The Icelandic Physiotherapy Association carried out several activities to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September.

  • Physical therapy centres around the country displayed a poster produced by the association highlighting the profession.
  • At the National hospital, Landspítalinn, physical therapists offered balance-training and wheelchair tryouts to fellow workers and passersby.
  • At the biggest rehabilitation center, Reykjalundur, physical thrapists offered fellow workers a workout during the lunch break.
  • The largest Icelandic newspaper published (webversion) an article written by the President of the association, based on the “Fulfilling potential“ message (
  • Iceland‘s first new professor in physical therapy at the Universtiy of Iceland had a 15 minute, prime time interview on national radio.
  • The association posted several statuses on their Facebook page which achieved good circulation in social media.
  • A video about physical therapy was posted on YouTube: