The WCPT member organisation in Sweden, Fysioterapeuterna, organised several events around the country to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2015.

  • A well-attended education day was held on pain in older people, which included lectures on osteoarthritis, dementia and over-medication of the elderly.
  • Lectures at the University Hospital in Örebro were given to inspire, network, exchange knowledge and bring attention to the work of colleagues and projects within the Region Örebro County. This day attracted around 150 people.
  • Physiotherapists in Gävle Hospital were stationed at the hospital's main entrances to provide information about the profession, what physical therapists do and how they work. They had various tools for training, demonstrations and the assessment of physical function.
  • Dalarna County Council celebrated by renaming the profession from sjukgymnast (meaning literally gymnastics for sick people) to fysioterapeut (physiotherapy), following the official change of the name in Sweden in 2014 (see www.wcpt.org/news/name-change-in-Sweden-Apr14)
  • In Båstad physiotherapists were at the Knowledge Centre Agardh - a combined library and secondary school. An information wall with posters was put in place and materials were distributed.
  • Fysioterapeuterna District Västernorrland focused on inviting the local health politicians to hospitals in Sundsvall, Sollefteå and Örnsköldsvik to inform them how physiotherapists can help in specialist care, such as prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, functional conservation efforts and palliative care.
  • In Linköping University the Fysioterapeuterna Student Section gathered in their lunch break. The students offered coffee, sweets and fruit and informed other students about the Association's activities.


Photograph courtesy of: Björn Hanérus/Gefle Dagblad