The Association des Masseurs Kinesitherapeutes du Togo celebrated World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September under the theme "Physiotherapy and disability in neurological disorders" in the presence of the guest of honour, Professor Mofou Belo, Head of Neurology Department at the University Hospital Syvanus Olympio. He is also the founder of the Aqua-Gym Club.

The day was organised by the Association des Masseurs Kinesitherapeutes du Togo. The ceremonies began on Friday 4th September 2015 with a Catholic Mass at the church, followed by a Muslim prayer at the mosque, in memory of physiotherapists who had died in 2015.

The following activities were held on the 8th September:

  • The President of AMKITO, Mr Koura Tchanmédji, made a speech outlining the history of World Physical Therapy Day. He also explained the meaning of this year’s “Fulfilling potential” theme chosen by WCPT. He then explained the link between the WCPT theme and the one chosen by Togo. He closed his speech by showing pictures of Togo's membership of WCPT as shown at the WCPT General Meeting/Congress 2015 in Singapore.
  • A conference and debates were subsequently held on the following topics:
  • neurological disorders and disability moderated by Dr. Gueoua, neurologist at the University Hospital Syvanus Olympio.
  • physiotherapy and disability moderated by the physiotherapist and Kossi Odah.
  • The events ended with the launch of Aqua-Gym Club with a demonstration of the rehabilitation of obese women in the pool.