The Kuwaiti Physical Therapy Association (KPTA) started planning World Physical Therapy Day 2015 after electing its new board in May.

New aspects were included in this year’s plan to have a special area to present new physical therapy modalities and treatments. A new PT counselling station was also created, with a special station for paediatrics.

The theme of the event was chosen including the main title “Movement for Health” and the secondary title for this year “Fulfilling Potential”.

A World Physical Therapy Day team was subsequently created consisting of a student PT from Kuwait university as well as various experienced PTs working in all sectors in Kuwait. The team had 55 members.

The following events were carried out to mark the day.

  • KPTA set up a booth in the largest mall of Kuwait (The Avenues) which attracted 2,328 visitors over the two days with the following activities:
    • tests were carried out, including heart rate, O2 saturation, blood pressure, glucose level, and BMI
    • various PT techniques and treatments were presented such as shockwave therapy, dry needling, medical taping
    • special postural correction., and advice for the paediatrics ; including the new tech. (ie tablets and mobiles) that can affect posture in the long run
  • Materials were distributed including:
    • the main flyer (taken from WCPT tool kit)
    • dry needling flyer
    • shockwave therapy flyer
    • daily stretching exercises flyer
    • school backpack flyer
    • obesity flyer
  • Posters were distributed in all local hospitals in Kuwait
  • More than 12 interviews took place prior/during/ and after the event in various TV channels and radio channels.