For the first time, the Palestinian Physiotherapy Association (PPTA) celebrated World Physical Therapy Day. The association celebrated the day under the Movement for health theme in several locations, in which the main events were implemented in the Gaza governorate with others held in the Khanyounes governorate (Southern Gaza).

A line up of planned activities were prepared to raise awareness about the integral part of the physical therapy profession in making and keeping people healthy, mobile and independent. All of the activities was supported by international committee of Red Cross (ICRC).

  • Leaflets, brochures and posters were distributed all over Gaza including hospitals, primary health care clinics, universities, private clinics and public centres.
  • Over 1,000 brochures, 500 bookmarks, and 500 posters promoting this year’s “Fulfilling potential” message were distributed.
  • A celebration was held in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health targeting policy makers and key persons in the health sector, including governmental and the private sector, to send a message about the emerging need of a physical therapy profession in Palestine. Dr. Adnan Naser, PT lecturer in Al Azhar University, gave a presentation about the modern trends of physiotherapy in the world and the role it plays in the prevention and treatment of NCDs. More than 130 policy makers, key persons and academics attended the event.
  • A scientific seminar was conducted targeting specialised doctors and health staff in the Nasser Hospital located in the southern governorate.
  • A fun run took place in which 100 members of the association informed the public about the importance of movement and physical activity in improving quality of lives, as well as raising the position of physiotherapy as an independent and specialised profession in the health of the community.

World Physical Therapy Day was well-organized, ran smoothly and was enjoyed by all the participants. The objectives were fully achieved and the activities received great attention in the media (newspapers, radio and television, including several TV interviews).

PPTA is committed to organising an annual event for World Physical Therapy Day in order to continue highlighting the importance of this profession and to focus on its role in improving life quality of the population.